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As  ECOZEAN is biocide-free it is ideally suited to use on man-made structures. Tightening environmental laws and ethical commitments to protect the environment are met with ECOZEAN's anti-fouling coating.


Whether you are responsible for intake or outfall pipes, marine installations, scientific experiments, off-shore monitoring or are involved with any of many off- and on-shore structural installations threatened by fouling, ECOZEAN AFC is an effective tool in managing it productively.


ECOZEAN is also very effective at reducing the maintenance requirements associated with marine and freshwater fouling of man-made structures. 

To optimise efficacy ECOZEAN has developed an environmental trial kit to identify the most suitable formulation for your environment. This allows us to formulate a solution specifically suitable to your specific operational requirements. 


To discuss how ECOZEAN can assist you in the management of marine fouling, please contact us.

biocide-free anti-fouling solutions
Structure applications


Ecozean trials on man-made structures demonstrated the high level of efficacy the anti-fouling coating delivers. They further illustrated the ease of applying the coating structures and good adhesiveness.


Also, Ecozean demonstrated it can be applied in virtually any location, even remote areas with very little infrastructure.

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