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Marine Solutions

From the outset ECOZEAN was designed to be biocide-free to enable its use in food producing aquaculture.


Whether farming on-shore ponds, off-shore ocean pens, fresh-water or brackish tidal environments, ECOZEAN has a solution to manage fouling for extended periods.


ECOZEAN is not only effectiveat inibiting fouling, but its application significantly reduces the maintenance required to remove fouling. 

For example, instead of having to replace nets, fouling is easily brushed off in situ, significantly reducing stress to stock and operational overheads.


To optimise efficacy ECOZEAN has developed an environmental trial kit to identify the most suitable formulation for your specific environment. This allows ECOZEAN to adapt a solution suitable to your specific marine environment and needs. 


To discuss how ECOZEAN an assist you in the management of marine fouling, please contact us.

biocide-free anti-fouling solutions
Pearl Oyster Farming
Indonesia 2010-11

Ecozean delivered a tailored biocide-free anti-fouling solution to apply directly to pearl oysters and nets.


To learn more, please contact us.

biocide-free anti-fouling solutions
Shrimp Farming
Thailand 2011-12


Ecozean trailed and delivered a custom anti-fouling coating to apply to paddlewheel hulls/pontoons . After six months the hulls treated with the Ecozean biocide-free anti-fouling coating were completely free of mussels and barnacles and the algae easily removed with a pressure wash wand.


Up to 10 kg of hard fouling was removed from each of the untreated hulls after 6 months in the pond. Fouling weighs down the aerator and it is less effective at oxygenating the pond.  The electric motors burn-out more often and more aerators have to be used to maintain oxygen levels.


To learn more, please contact us.

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