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Fresh Water Solutions

ECOZEAN AFC is a biocide-free coating inhibiting the growth of fouling on surfaces exposed to, or immersed in salt-, brakish or freshwater.


ECOZEAN is effective for at least three months per application and in a growing range of formulations, efficacy has extended beyond 6 months. ECOZEAN has been designed to be easy to apply, even in remote areas with rudimentary tools and skills. 


Importantly, ECOZEAN's biocide-free anti-fouling coating is environmentally safe and suitable for use in sensitive food producing aquaculture settings. The proprietary solution has received very positive endoresements by users and academics alike.



biocide-free anti-fouling solutions
Silver Perch Farming
New South Wales 2013


Ecozean trialed and optimised its fresh water anti-foulding solution for a Silver Perch farm in New South Wales. The solution improved productivity by increasing output without additional labour input.

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