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about Ecozean

Years of research and observation of marine fouling by Tim Charlton and a small group of dedicated scientist led to the discovery of unique biocide-free materials that naturally inhibit fouling in marine and fresh water environments. 


Encouraged by the findings Tim set out to demonstrate that the science had real-world applications delivery to users improved productivity and a strong return on investment while doing good for the environment by offering an alternative to the typically toxic traditional anti-fouling solutions.


Continued research and development and trials around the world have demonstrated startling opportunities and significant productivity gains.


If your work is impeded by marine or freshwater fouling, Ecozean may just hold the key to improving your productivity without costing the environment.

Dr Tim Charlton originally discovered the anti-fouling effect and has driven the bulk of the research to improve efficacy.


Tim is a biofilm control expert with numerous peer reviewed papers to his name. His areas of research interest include enzymes discovery and applications, cleaning, non-toxic anti fouling for marine coatings, shrimp hatcheries, aquaculture and bio security.


Tim is also director of Aquation developer and manufacturer of environmental sensing instrumenation.


Tim is an executive director of Ecozean and a member of the board. Tim heads all scientifica and production aspects.

Tim Strube has has delivered comprehensive business development, marketing, media, web and social media solutions in a senior capacity for more than a decade across a range of industries and segments including automotive, wellness, renewables, professional services and industrial products in Europe, North America and Australia. His clients have included small businesses as well as global enterprises. 


Tim studied economics, marketing and business administration in the UK and US and is fluent in German.


Tim is an executive director of Ecozean and a member of the board. Tim heads all business development and maketing.

Prof. Peter Steinberg has been a leader in marine chemical ecology for 25 years, working at the interface of chemistry and biology, and basic and applied science. He has some 130 international publications with over 4500 citations and an H-index of 38, and 8 patents. His research has included studies of the chemical mediation of; plant/herbivore interactions, larval settlement cues, biofilms and biofouling, eukaryote/bacterial interactions and marine diseases.


He has been a Fulbright and Queen Elisabeth II Fellows. He has extensive scientific and academic leadership experience, including as Head of a major research School at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, CEO of a publicly listed biotechnology company, Director of the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, and Co-Director of the AEBC at NTU.


Peter is a non-executive director of Ecozean and a member of the board. Peter is our science and research advisor.

Hamish Hawthorn is the Chief Executive Officer of ATP Innovations – Australia’s premier technology business incubator. ATP Innovations delivers commercialisation and business expertise to emerging technology businesses, helping entrepreneurs build successful high-growth companies. Hamish has been involved in the commercialisation of technology for over 15 years and worked in the advanced manufacturing, IT and life sciences sectors. In late 2008, Hamish co-founded Sydney Angels – a Sydney-based Angel group that invests in early stage high growth companies. 


Hamish is a Visiting Fellow in the Entrepreneurs in Science Program at the University of New South Wales, and lectures on entrepreneurship at the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, Sydney and the Australian National University. He is a qualified mechanical engineer with postgraduate training in business and technology.


Hamish is a non-executive director of Ecozean and a member of the board. Hamish advises on strategy & development.

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