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Years of research and observation of marine fouling led to the discovery of unique biocide-free materials that naturally inhibit fouling in marine and fresh water environments.


The discovery was recently rewarded with a full patent. 


Continued research and development and trials around the world have demonstrated startling opportunities and potential productivity gains.


If your work is impeded by marine or freshwater fouling, contact us, Ecozean may just hold the key to improving your productivity without costing the environment.

Working with 

the environment for productive outcomes.

100% biocide-free

Silver Perch Farming, NSW 

Raw 3

nature vs nurture


aerator pontoons after 6 months

submerged at a shrimp farm in Thailand

ECOZEAN treated



ECOZEAN takes great care to ensure that engagement, evaluation, trials and solution deployment are managed to the highest standards. 


While the coating is broadly adaptable in response to tailored trials, the approach to deploying the solution is scientifically rigorous and systematic.


Just as no environment is identical to another, ECOZEAN offers you a bespoke biocide-free anti-fouling solution tailored to your needs.



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